The Glass Hotel, E.St. J. Mandel

  • Post published:14. October 2021
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I would name this book as a melancholic novel with finance crime touch. There is some mysterious ghost appearing too.

The young women with the male name Vincent working in the hotel bar meets a wealthy guest, who suddenly is to become owner of the hotel . She fits his lifestyle. Vincent develops a weakness – luxury life. But one day the life gets changed as FBI enters his office. Ponzu scheme! Many years collecting money from investors by promising good profits. In reality it was one big investor and one day he was just asking for his money to be paid back. Everything fell apart. Many peoples lives were involved. Some committed suicide, another died of a heart attack. Another just has nothing more and has to finish his life in very modest circumstance. The book described many touching characters.

The story tells the scandal of Bernie Madoff in year 2008. 

And Vincent took by end of the day to the sea as cook. Once she was washed away from board of the ship while trying taking pictures of the waves. 

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