Pandora: Auf den Trümmern von Berlin

  • Post published:15. July 2021
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The whole crime story is about atrocities committed to  patients in psychological hospitals during the time of the 3rd Reich. The patients were simply killed by their doctors  while masquerading this as a transport from one hospital to another and another again till the traces were gone. 

The main story in this book describes a story of a few ladies who managed to run away during one of worst transport trip which happened almost by the end of the war. But all of them accidently they were found and shot dead. 

The story writes about bitter times in destroyed Berlin. The murder was discovered by a young policeman. The book also describes the time after the war before the wall in Berlin was built. People minds and families were divided by 2 also as West and East. The story of the young police commissioner and his young assistant Lora put a piece of light and hope in the story  that everything would go well by the end.


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