Das Land der Anderen, Leila Slimani

  • Post published:25. March 2022
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During the war, a young girl from Elsas met an atractive Marocan. She married him and followed him to his homeland to make a new start in a foreign land. Mathilde learned all sides of life Arab women, she spent much time by mother and sister of her husband. With 2 children of their own, the couple moved to the farm outside the city. Mathilde tries to raise her children in a European Arab environment, so she sends her daughter to Catolik school, reads her children french books, celebrates Christmas. 

The family had to struggle with poverty, and the hard work on the land demanded a lot of strength from them. Mathilde tried to maintain contacts with local people, among other things she gives simple medical advice. The couple overcame hard physical work and illnesses. The unpopularity of the rebellion in the country brings them close to each other.

A very beautifully written book, with vivid pictures of the country and people’s faces. Easy to read, highly recommended. A book about love and hope.

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